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As the general contractor Viet Nam-Japan, NICON performs full tasks of an industrial construction project including design, permit and construction.
DB (Design and build) and EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) are the most common-used method in industrial and civil construction.
After the long-duration of the researching and developing, NICON figured out the best method to build an industrial project in Viet Nam market and we have been building our system follow this way from the first day till now. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, the feedback from market has proved that NICON has been choosing the correct way. By the time, we have touched the achievement from our system.
Engineering – Procurement – Construction contract (EPC) is a construction contract which the contractor performs all stages of the construction process consisting of the design, the materials procurement, the equipment, the building construction. At the end, that will be given back to the investors. EPC approaches directly to the Design – Build mode (DB), which is different from the traditional method of Design – Bid – Build (DBB) that the detail design is made before the bidding process.

As DBB method, investors will consider in selecting the specific contractors for every different stages of the project. By this way, the construction stages are categorized into different specialized sectors that the contractors are chosen according to the complicated system. The consultancy stage is assigned to the professional consulting contractors. The construction stage will be done by the construction contractors, the material and the equipment are provided by the procurement contractors. Therefore, it is required to design about details and get the approval beforehand. By the EPC method, investors will only need a design in advance then the EPC contractor will be selected to complete all of the remaining tasks until handing over to the investors. 

We have experienced that our application method creates many the advantages for the customer and constructor, such as:
- Minimizing the management duty for the investors:
- EPC contractor performs all tasks including the project coordination and management on behalf of the investors.
- Minimizing the risk of the inconsistency between designing and building.
- The contractors can design by themselves and have flexible time to take the advantages in the construction method. This way helps the contractors speed up the construction even the design has not been complete. Besides that, it can minimize the cost incurred of the project.
- The reasonable manage costs:
- Since all tasks are performed by one contractor, the investors can be easy to estimate the expected cost and follow the quality control.
- The construction management
- Excluding designing and building, NICON is qualified to be your consultant in construction management depending on the valuable experiences in construction field.

With its extensive knowledge and experience in the construction market, Nicon is always aiming for mutual benefits of all parties by researching and proposing technical solutions suitable with large-scale and mega projects.

In close collaboration with the Mori Constructio, Unicons is able to manage projects professionally with the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process. Nicon's highly skilled and experienced BIM specialist team will provide synchronous and comprehensive project management solutions that will help clients have all project information and anticipate any risks.

Boasting world-renowned management partners in aspects of architectural design, structure, interior, M&E and interior decoration, Nicon has all points of information and synchronously develops the cooperation solutions. Thanks to that, Nicon customers will benefit the most from the best products of the best people.

Nicon includes experienced project managers, architects, engineers and construction workers can handle LARGE-SCALE – URGENT PROGRESS - HIGH QUALITY works by the manner of execution suitable with the budget of the customers.

The Nicon brand has been chosen by customers for many years, which is shown through the fact that a series of projects has been developed under the design and build model such as: AMIBA Factory, Rebisco Factory, Ampharco U.S.A Factory, etc.